American Classic Imports is the largest privately owned and operated shipping company of American Muscle car and Bikes from the USA to Australia. Our price is all inclusive and we will provide you with a written quote and agreement form to prove that! We can assist in helping you finalise your deal in the USA. We offer a direct container service to Brisbane.


Steps to follow in Finding, Locating, Purchasing & Importing your dream Boat.

  • Once you locate a Boat you must have a clear title, and request a copy If you find a boat you like, contact the seller in the USA to find out more about the boat, make sure the boat has a clear title. Ask the seller for the boat's, measurements on the trailer. You will need L x W x H in meters for the shipping quote. If you happy with the seller and the arrangements organise the agreed price, and request the sellers banking details to wire transfer the funds directly to his account. (This is the safest way to transfer your funds)

  • Due to the size of boats we will have to generate a quote. There is no set price as they do not fit into a container. Once you have given us the estimates, we will then send away for a quote. This may take several days to get back.

  • Filling out the forms.

    If you choose to go ahead with the quote we then can go ahead and sign the paperwork to start importing your boat.

  • Import approval
    You will need to lodge an import approval for your boat / trailer. The following paperwork is required when lodging this form: - Import approval application - Bill of sale - Photo of the trailer and identification plate - List of modifications - Copy of your ID or Passport

  • Shipping form
    We will supply you with a Shipping form form. This form needs to be sent to the seller, they will need to fill this out and send a copy to you and the original to the USA depot. This is necessary for your boat to be shipped.

  • The following paperwork can be sent to our USA depot, which is required to ship your boat. Be sure to get copies of all documents. These should be sent through FedEx. Once they have been sent ask the seller for the tracking number and put this on your shipping form. - Original title - Bill Of Sale - Shipping form - These can be sent to our USA depot at: 15501 Texaco Ave. Paramount, CA 90723

  • Insurance
    For full insurance cover while your bike is in transit to Australia please contact Piranha Insurance on 07 4927 8400 or 0418 792 211. Please find encloses insuranced information.
    Please mark YES on your shipping form to state you have organised insurance direct through Piranha insurance.

  • Loading of your boat
    Once your paperwork has been lodged and the boat is ready to be shipped your boat will be loaded. As boats are too large to fit in a container, we use a roll on roll off service. Your boat will be loaded under the deck, for a direct service to Brisbane. With a 4 week transit time, please allow 1 week for loading and 1 week for unloading once the ship arrives.

  • Payment required
    We invoice you for the agreed shipping price when the boat sails. The GST will be issued on schedule of unpacking of the container.

  • The cost
    Shipping boat $ as per quote
    Trailer import application $65.00
    GST is calculated on the price of the boat plus the shipping cost = 10% GST

Need more support? Call us Shane 0414 373 2170